A full range of nail services are available including: 3 different types of manicure, Acrylic & Gel Extensions, Overlay over natural nails, Gel Polish/OPI polish, Nail Art, Repairs and Bespoke Treatments


The strongest of the systems used

Ideal for nail biters/ heavy-handed clients

Tips or sculptured extensions

Filed and soaked off

Infilled every 2-3 weeks


More natural looking

Virtually odourless 

Reduced filing required when applied, can be used over natural nails or with tips

Durable & long lasting

Permanent pink & white French manicure or natural


Buffed to remove which reduces damage to natural nails


Your own natural nail will continue to grow with your gel/acrylic enhancement and therefore a gap will start to appear at the base of your nail. This gap will require infilling. Depending on the speed of your nail growth infills will be required every 2-3 weeks, to keep your nails looking beautiful. 

Gel Polish

Lasts up to 15 days

Chip, scratch & fade resistant

Glossy shine

Dries using an LED lamp within 30 seconds

OPI/China Glaze Polish

I use a wide range of OPI and China Glaze products

Lasts 7-10 days

Colour changed easily but takes longer to dry


Use cuticle oil twice daily (or at least once)

Use hand cream daily

Return for maintenance/removal

Wear gloves for cleaning/washing up/gardening

Don’t attempt home repairs

Use acetone free remover

JEWELS NOT TOOLS! – Don’t use nails as tools